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    Teochew Vocabulary - Basic Conversations

    Word Pronunciation Meaning
    你好 le2 ho2 Hello  
    si6 Yes  
    唔是 m(7) si6 No  
    u6 have  
    bho5 don't have  
    ~謝 zoi7 sia7 Thank you (for something someone gives you)  
    累你 lui7 le7 Thank you (for someone helping you on something)  
    孬意思 mo2 i3 se3 Excuse me; Pardon me  
    免客氣 miang(6) kêh(8) ki3 You're welcome; Don't mention it  
    對唔住 dui3 m(7) zu6 I'm Sorry  
    潮州話 dio(7) ziu17 Teochew (language)  
    潮州人 dio(7) ziu1 nang5 Teochew (people)  
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