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After-sales technician 4 Place of work: Chengdu City



After-sales technician 4 Place of work: Chengdu City

Release time:

  After-sale technician 4 Place of work: Chengdu City

  Responsibilities: Responsible for the after-sales service, technical support, and customer maintenance of the company's products in Sichuan

  Job requirements: 1, requiring secondary education or above, should be able to graduates can be; 2, have good communication, analytical skills and team spirit 3, electromechanical professional graduation or organic electricity maintenance experience is preferred; 4, hard-working, serious work ,conscientious

  10 sales representatives

  Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for market development, customer maintenance and sales management in designated areas. 2. Responsible for product promotion, promotion and sales of the products in their respective regions, and complete the task indicators for sales. 3. Develop your own sales plan and visit customers and develop new customers as planned. 4. Collect and find customer information, establish customer files. 5. Assist sales executives in formulating sales strategies, sales plans, and quantifying sales targets. 6. Formulate budgets for sales expenses, control sales costs, and increase sales profits.

  Qualifications: 1. College degree or above; 2. More than one year experience in industrial equipment sales; 3. Good communication skills, negotiating skills, and strong team spirit; 4. Internships (years)

  Sales Manager 3

  Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's products; 2. According to the marketing plan, complete the department's sales targets; 3. Open up new markets, develop new customers, and increase product sales; 4. Responsible for the collection and competition of market information in the jurisdiction. Analysis of the opponents; 5. Responsible for the planning and execution of sales activities within the sales region and completion of sales tasks; 6. Management and maintenance of customer relationships and long-term strategic cooperation plans among customers.

  job requirements:

  1. Men and women are not limited, aged 25-35 years old, and have a high school education or above. They need to have more than 2 years of sales experience.

  2, cheerful personality, clear thinking, strong logic, strong language skills, able to work under pressure.

  3, Ability to work independently and teamwork, adapt to frequent business trips.

  4. Outstanding performance, the company provides promotion opportunities, and the annual income is rich

  ★ Well-paid: social insurance + provident fund + commercial insurance + accommodation + year-end bonus + regular free medical examination

  ★ Working hours: 8 hours work system, legal holidays normal rest.

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