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The difference between large character printers and small size printers



The difference between large character printers and small size printers

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  Non-contact inkjet marking system. It controls the internal gear pump or externally supplied by the machine. Compressed air, ink jet printer A type of ink jet printer that is controlled by a microcontroller. It applies a certain pressure to the ink in the system and causes the ink to be ejected through a tens of micron aperture nozzle. The crystal oscillation signal above the nozzle splits the continuous ink line into droplets of the same frequency, the same size and the same pitch, and then the ink droplets are respectively charged when passing through the charging electrode, and the amount of charged electricity is controlled by the CPU; After the detection electrode detects the actual charge and phase of the ink drop, the charged ink drop deflects in the deflection electric field formed by the deflection electrode, and is ejected from the shower head, respectively. Characters, logos, etc. The ink droplets that have not been charged will be injected into the recovery tank and re-entered into the ink circulation system inside the machine.

  What is a small font jet printer.

  The ink directly hits the surface of the work object. The ink jet printer uses ink offset to deflect the ink out of the normal circulation path. The use of logic to control the position of each ink droplet, usually the ink droplets only changes in the vertical direction, the vibrating fluidized bed must be able to form the data I want to print by the movement of the work, due to the ink being ejected, and the work The surface does not need direct contact, so the following advantages can be obtained:

  1. Fast

  Up to 1000 bottles per minute or more. Take the production of soft drinks Coke as an example.

  2. Data variability

  Spray drying makes it easy to change data, as it is computer controlled data. Data content such as date and time, serial number, and batch number may be added to the data content.

  3. The appearance of the application material

  Rotary kiln can get good printing effect whether it is paper, plastic, metal, glass, hard appearance or soft and fragile appearance. The jet printer has a variety of different inks to choose from.

  What is a large font jet printer

  Only the way the ink is ejected is to use a separate valve control switch for each potato drying. The principle of large fonts is quite similar to small fonts.

  It is generally applied to the outer box, outer package, or large-scale workpiece. If there are 7 points of the nozzle, there are 7 independent valves to control the font size of the printing. Such as rough pipe or asbestos board, insulation board and other artifacts. Its advantages are similar to small fonts. The drying equipment only works at a slower speed and averages 60 meters per minute, depending on the width of the printing font.

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