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Chongqing inkjet printer market analysis



Chongqing inkjet printer market analysis

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  As an industrial identification device, a printer is a machine for printing characters, specifications, barcodes, and anti-counterfeiting labels on the surface of products (such as production date, shelf life, batch number, etc.) because its advantage is that it does not touch the product. The content is flexible and variable, the character size can be adjusted, the speed is fast, and the complicated database printing can be connected with the computer, etc. It is gradually replacing the traditional coding equipment and becoming more and more manufacturers.

  The situation of the Chongqing printer market can be described by a group of elk deer. Here we analyze the market prospects, price system, price warfare of consumables, and maintenance services of Chongqing Pen Maji.

  1, Chongqing inkjet printer market prospects

  As we all know, food is a traditional industry for inkjet printers. The food industry in Chongqing is growing at an annual rate of nearly 30%, far higher than Chongqing's overall industrial development rate. In the past 60 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the output value of the food industry in Chongqing has increased by more than 1,000 times from 0.34 billion to 40 billion yuan. Especially after the Chongqing municipality was directly governed by the central government, the injection of large amounts of foreign capital, the rise of a large number of private food enterprises, and the expansion of some state-owned food companies Strong, the development of the food industry in Chongqing can be described with each passing day. By 2008, the year of Chongqing

  More than 450 food enterprises with a total output value of over 5 million yuan have reached more than 450, and there are nearly 10,000 small and large food companies.

  In addition, Chongqing is a city dominated by heavy industry. In 1994, it surpassed Shenyang to occupy the third place in the country. In 1999, it again surpassed Tianjin to occupy the second place in the country. In 2008 and in previous years, the scale of Chongqing’s heavy industry has been quite similar to that of Shanghai. In the country's ****, the second position, the total output value ranks third in the country, second only to Shanghai and Guangzhou. The structure of Chongqing Heavy Industry is mainly based on shipbuilding, metallurgy, automotive and military industry, instrumentation, and sensors. Among them, the automotive and instrumentation industry ranks as the city with the largest number of domestic joint-venture vehicles and motorcycle brands. , With a joint venture brand Ford, Mazda, Suzuki, Honda, YAMAHA, Kawasaki, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, VOLVO. Therefore, in Chongqing, the application of inkjet printers to auto parts and motorcycles has become one of the most important industries. Chongqing's light industry started its development from the 1990s. Currently, it mainly focuses on medicine, medical products, advertising products, electronic industry, and composite materials. Among them, pharmaceutical is the pillar of Chongqing's light industry, and there are nearly 300 pharmaceutical companies in the city. Since the outbreak of the economic crisis, the state has increased the investment in infrastructure to boost domestic demand. The sales of printers in the tubing and cable industry have also become a hot spot and have attracted the attention of various printer companies. From the above data, we can see that the potential of the Chongqing inkjet printer market is huge.

  2, Chongqing inkjet printer price system

  Chongqing inkjet printer market after nearly two decades of development and reshuffle, the market is mainly divided into imported inkjet printers, joint venture brand inkjet printers and domestic brand inkjet printers. The price system of imported ink jet printers ranges from 30,000 to 60,000, and the price system of joint venture printers ranges from 25,000 yuan to 45,000 yuan. The price system of domestic inkjet printers ranges from 15,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan. The price difference is reflected in the printing speed of the printer, the size of the nozzle, the level of protection, and the ink used. For example, the price of a printer equipped with yellow ink and white ink is obviously higher. With the ever-increasing competition among inkjet printers, the price of inkjet printers has become very hot and profits have been very low. In particular, many inkjet printer sales companies have taken into account the profit from inkjet printer supplies to offset the loss of printer equipment sales losses. Caused a price war in the printer market in Chongqing.

  3, Chongqing inkjet printer supplies price war due to lower barriers to entry in the printer industry and the flow of inkjet printers company brings a lot of new companies into inkjet printer supplies sales and inkjet printer maintenance, resulting in Chongqing inkjet code In the machine market, inkjet printer sales companies and inkjet printer repair service companies are mixed, making customers pay too much attention to the price of printer consumables in the market. Many people are paying attention to how much a printer and how much a printer's ink is. At the same time, they ignore the impact of printer stability on business production. In fact, in addition to the impact of the stability of the quality of the printer itself, the printer supplies also have a great impact on the printer. We know that ink jet printer supplies occupy a very important component in the ink system of the printer, and ink jet printer supplies have high levels of ink mixing in the printer system, nozzle dot breakage, ink dot charging, etc. skills requirement. It's not like the inkjet supplies that some people claim are almost the same. The price of printer consumables also determines the degree of service. A printer service company that does not provide profit support for printer consumables cannot bring long-lasting, high-quality, and sustainable services to customers.

  4, Chongqing inkjet printer repair and service Chongqing inkjet printer market maintenance has been a lot of chaos, inkjet printer supplies is even more mixed, once the customer inkjet printer equipment problems, will affect customer production. Therefore, we said that although the printer has become a common equipment for the enterprise, its operating conditions have a great impact on the normal operation of the company's production. The maintenance of printers depends on the technical level of printer maintenance and more on the spare parts and training of printers. All the printer companies have strict management of the printer equipment accessories. The speciality and speciality of the printer spare parts determine: Only the authorized printer manufacturers authorized to sell service providers can guarantee your coding. The machine runs stably. What is even worse is that a small number of printer consumables sales companies cannot provide printer spare parts. When they encounter a printer failure, they have only slipped. Any kind of market needs the common maintenance of the industry. The same is true for the inkjet printer market in Chongqing. The kind of shortsighted behavior that only looks at the immediate interests is undesirable. The healthy development of an industry needs the joint maintenance of all colleagues in the printer industry.

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